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The Nordman Fir is probably the most popular Christmas Tree in this country, one of the reasons being that it has a lovely symmetrical shape with strong branches.   The needles are shiny, mid green and soft to touch, making it ideal for all members of the family to decorate.  Our premium quality Nordman Fir can be quite a wide tree so make sure you have enough space. Nordman Firs are classed as a non drop tree however please be aware a few needles may fall after time. (please read our looking after your tree blog at the bottom of our homepage)

Wooden Base Included in Price.

Local Delivery (within 4 miles) is also included in price. If you live further away an extra £2.00 may be chargable please ring the office 01772900100 to check. AT CHECKOUT PLEASE SELECT ‘COLLECT FROM STORE’ OPTION OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE CHARGED MORE DELIVERY’

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